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This camera IS a complete, self-contained vision system!

Smart cameras with on board DSP - Standard series (VCxx)

Largely obsolete range of models: pls see the new 1GHz models!

Image sensor, grabber, DSP processor, video putput, I/Os, RS232 are all include within a small camera!

Please note: more recent (more powerful and less expensive) models belong to the C6 family (3200-8000MIPS DSP, up to 250 frames/sec). Models listed below are older and probably not the best choice for a new design anymore. New user: C6 family is much better!

Download your manuals (HW & SW) here!

Features of standard series (VCxx models):

Common features:

  • Processor:
    • ADSP (32, 40, 52MHz)
  • Memory:
    • 2M RAM e 512K Flash
    • 8MRAM e 2M Flash
  • Sensor features:
    • 500x582 to 1280x1024
    • Progressive scan andasynch reset models available (VC38, VC67)
  • Video output:
    • B/W CCIR
    • Color SVGA (VC38)
    • Color overlay (VC38)
  • Case:
  • Optoisolated I/O's (4+4), 115Kbaud RS232, CCIR or SVGA video output w color overlay (VC38, VC65)

Check processing benchmarks for common functions over 512x512 image regions.

[Need more speed? Enough of 1200MIPS? (Quite like  Pentium III 1G) Click herei!]

How much do they cost?? $$$!

Available versions:

Several models are available from lower cost to higher speed. If you need real high speed, refer to the C6 family at 1200MIPS and 113 frames/sec.

A convenent summary of all models with costs and main features (memory, CPU speed etc.) is  >>HERE<<

Select by feature: select the most suitable model according to your requirements (by resolution, by speed etc.)


Use our 220VAC adaptor to provide the required DC power (10-18VDC or 24VDC) (also available DIN rail version).

All cables (power, I/O's, video, RS232) are available ready-made in standard lengths (5, 10, 25m) or custom cut (see price list).

In order to provide a handy user interface device, with no need of more complex devices, a simple keypad can be connected and powered by the camera itself. You'll thus be able to implement menu driven setup, ROI selection and the like with a simple, cost effective device.

NEW! Need to connect to Ethernet, Profibus or LAN: Click here to know more 


Our price list includes all models and accessories, with a summary of their charachteristics; all amounts are in EURO and KLits.