LOW cost Progressive scan! (VC38)

Ageing model: see below for new and more powerful models.

VC38, a Low cost (but with higher performance) version of Progressive Scan VC65!

For a much even faster and even cheaper model, see VC4038 or M50

For MUCH faster models, see the 8000MIPS, 250frames/sec C6 family, available NOW! 

BEWARE: VC38 has been a great workhorse, but we are putting it to rest. VC2038 is already a much more powerful and more economical alternati, belonging to the new C6 family (reaching 250 frames/sec with up to 8000MIPS DSP (1GHz!)
VC38 is being sold only until stock lasts (250 as of may 27 2005).

The cost has dropped nearly 30%, whilst speed has been improved!

  • Low Cost! (see price list)
  • CPU Clock 50MHz
  • SONY 1/3" 640x480 pxl sensor, shutter between 20s and 1/10.000s, asynchronous reset , zero offset digital clamp.
  • 16 Pseudocolors output image and overlay.
  • Resettable output fuse (t= 4 sec at I = 4A) (additional fast fuse recommended) 
  • SBC OEM Version available, at even lower cost.

ADSP2183 processor is 100% compatible with all other SMARTVIEW models, but has 50.35MHz clock (Vs. 40MHz for VC65). As before, 8M RAM and 2MFlash memory for programs and data.

AVAILABLE since Oct. '99, an open frame, OEM version (SBC), at an even lower price! (Same format as the SBC versions for VC11 and VC13).

Need more speed? enough of 1200MIPS? See here the new 40xx series with a 400MHz RISC DSP!