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Vision Compoentnts Smart cameraEven smaller & lower cost...

SBC version (open frame) for OEMs.

Using this version you'll be able to achieve the utmost integration in assembly and sorting machines, literally hiding the devices, at an even lower cost!

Even  smaller: single board version 60x60x10mm or CPU board (120x70mm) and a CCD board ( 48x33mm) can be assembled piggyback (33mm including C lens holder) or optionally remoted via a short flat cable.

SBC cameras are fully software compatible with code developed for the encased versions, having the same functional features.

Most powerful model (400MHz DSP) is VCSBC4018, megapixel version is VCSBC4016, lowest price model  (75MHz DSP) is VCSBC50

Standard, cased models are here

Need more speed? not enough of 1200MIPS? See here the new 40xx series with a 400MHz RISC DSP (3200MIPS)!