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VCSBC4018: 640x480, 32fps progressive scan, TMS320C64xx processor, TCP/IP Ethernet port, open frame, B/W and Color

Need more speed? 3200MIPS!

(Comparable to PENTIUM 2.6GHz)

smart camera DSP 3200MIPS    SBC4018 sbc40xx 4018

Low cost model with 400MHz TMS320C64xx DSP, delivering 3200MIPS (comparable to a 2.6GGHz Pentium PC); open frame version, no SVGA video output

Product features:

(Common features of C6 series)

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  • Texas Instruments TMS320C64xx 400Mhz processor @ 3200MIPS
  • Ethernet port (TCP/IP, UDP, socket, Telnet, HTTP server)
  • 640x480 Progressive scan CCD, 32fps, 1/3"
  • B/W and Color version
  • Shutter: up to 33.3 microsec, 62usec step
  • Available with detachable sensor head.
  • C-mount lens
  • Memory:
    • 16MB di RAM (SDRAM) accessible at 400MB/sec.
    • 2M Flash EEProm
  • 2 in + 4 out optoisolated, 4in + 4 out TTL
  • image capture trigger input, strobed lighting output

Family map: all C6 3200 & 8000MIPS models