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12mm lenses

Telecamera intelligenteSmart camera

Get it straight: THIS is the smallest vision system in the world...

...30mm diameter: sensor, DSP processor, grabber, I/O, lens & LED illuminator, serial port!


A breakthrough vision sensor in the size and at the cost of a light sensor!

  • CMOS or CCD sensors
    • CMOS 1/3" 640x480, dynamic range 60dB, B/W or COLOR (M40)
    • CCD 640x480 progressive scan (M50)
  • Electronic shutter 0.5 Ásec to 4 sec (0.5 Ásec steps)
  • ADSP2185 DSP, 75 MHz clock (375 MIPS)
  • Built in LED flash illuminator (8 high efficiency white LEDs)
  • Built inf field-of-view projector (4 spots on corners of fov).
  • Built in lens, diam.12mm, focal length 2.45 to 12mm,  fixed operating distance 85mm: >>Details<<
  • 2 IN / 4 OUT 24V, (out @ 400mA)
  • 6 software programmable 3color LEDs.
  • 10mA current loop serial port, max 115200 baud (RS232 V24 with converter cable).
  • Power supply: 24Vcc +/-10%, 50 mA
  • Threaded waterproof case (IP65 whith inserted connectors), 30x100mm, weight 100g.

All manuals for cameras and sensors: HERE

Models equipped with CMOS sensors can achieve very high speed with partial image acquisition and have a vastly superior dynamic range.

Mxx models do not provide any video output for user interface: they only have 3color (red/green/amber) LEDS and a built in pushbutton.

During setup, the built in field of view projector can be turned on, displaying 4 small light spots on the corners of the field of view.

Development, as for all SMARTVIEW models, is carried out on a PC, which is no longer required once a program is downloaded on the camera.

Family map:

  • Intelligent cameraM50: CCD progressive scan (Async reset) sensor


  • Intelligent cameraM40: cmos, on board 8M RAM


  • Smart cameraM30: CMOS sensor, NO RAM - Not for new projects


Select by feature: select the most suitable model according to your requirements (by resolution, by speed etc.)