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Smart camera M40

Obsolete model: replaced with industrial sensor VisicubeIndustrial vision sensor - Visicube

Just to make it clear WHO's the world's smallest smart camera...

...in a rugged 30mm diameter case: CMOS sensor, DSP processor, grabber, I/O's, lens and LED light source, serial port!

PLEASE NOTE: model with limited availability.HP is discontinuing the CMOS sensor employed; it will thus be possible to order unlimited quantities through July 2003. After that term, it will supplied only as long as stock lasts (approx. 250 available as of may 27 2003)

An innovative machine vision sensor with exceptionally small size and unbelievably Low cost

  • 8M RAM, 80K RAM, 512K Flash EEPROM
  • Sensore CMOS 1/3" 640x480, range dinamico 60dB, B/W e COLOR
  • Random pixel access and partial image scanning.
  • Continuous integration (rolling shutter) or progressive scan.
  • Electronic shutter (0.5 Ásec to 4 sec, 0.5 Ásec steps)
  • 8-10bit AD conversion, programmable gain.
  • 12frames/sec full resolution, proportionally higher speed for partial images / subsampling (33fps @ subsampling 4:1)

A rugged, extremely small, standalone machine vision sensor you can use as easily as a photocell: smallest footprint and very low cost.

8MRAM are provided in addition to memory made available by the DSP (16Kw/16bit DMEM + 16K/24b PMEM); 512K non-volatile Flash memory are provided for programs and parameters.

Based on a CMOS sensor, M40 provides the peculiar advantages of this technology: very wide dynamic range (60dB) for high contrast images, partial image readout and pixel subsampling.

For instance, M40 can emulate a line scan camera (640 pixel), achieving 2000 lines/second.

A video output is not provided: a pushbutton and red/green/amber status LEDs for the I/Os are available. A built in LED projector can visualize the field of view in order to support easy setup and focusing.

A special version with C-mount lens adapter is also available for M40 and M50


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