Connecting smart cameras to Profibus, Ethernet, RS485...

Models with an /E suffix in their part number (e.g. VC2038/E e VC2065/E, see the complete family map) have a built in Ethernet TCP/IP port that allows connecting via any LAN or the Internet to several other cameras, PCs etc. Parameters may be setup or images may be displayed (even live ones) on any node in the network!

For all other models (with just an RS232) please consideru using the available

RS232 to Profibus or Ethernet converters.

Smart camera in ethernet  

Convertitori RS232 EthernetEthernet RS232 converter

SMARTVIEW's RS232 link has some limitations when:

  • connecting several (>2) cameras that need to exchange information.
  • connecting several SMARTVIEWs to a PC or PLC that needs separate RS232 ports for each camera.
  • connecting to devices in a fieldbus environmente like Profibus etc.

A solution is readily available: you can use simple converter boxes from RS232 to other standards!

They are small, low cost units that you can plug into the RS232 port without any special programming or modification of your SMARTVIEW software.

You can even remote your I/Os.

It is therefore very simple to connect several cameras on a shared line or even over the Internet!

Several protocols are available, including:

  • Profibus
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Interbus
  • RS422 o RS485

Many manufacturers are available, here are a few links:

Deutschmann Gmbh (in English, many differen protocols)


Lantronix (Italian)