VC 2065/E: 752x582 progressive scan at 45 frames/second, with built in Ethernet and TCP/IP support.

Need speed? 1200MIPS!

Need Ethernet - TCP/IP?


SMARTVIEW /E models have a built in Ethernet port that can connect with any LAN (including PCs and other SMARTVIEW cameras) or via the Internet. Setup and images are thus easily accessed from any point in the network. Why do I need it?

Model-specific features:

(Common features of C6 series)

  • Ethernet port (TCP/IP, UDP, socket, Telnet, HTTP server)
  • 1200MIPS processor!
  • Memory:
    • 16MB di RAM (SDRAM) @ 400MB/sec.
    • 2M Flash EEProm
    • 8MB Flash Card adapter
  • CCD 752x582 @ 45 frame/sec
  • dedicated I/Os
    • Dedicated input trigger for snap synchronization
    • Dedicated output for strobe light control

The built in Ethernet port replaces the usual RS232 port; a dedicated keypad port is also available.

Accessories and prices

Family map: all C6 3200 & 8000MIPS models