VC Keypad smallYou can connect this simple keypad to any SMARTVIEW camera via the RS232 line, with which it will communicate by means of a few simple library functions.

The keypad will get its power supply from the camera itself and provide 4 arrow keys, (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT), F1, F2 ENTER and ESC

Pattern.jpg (37429 byte)You can use it in order to implement a menu driven user interface with no need of any other device, suitable for operation setup, parameter selection, ROI definition and the like, which can appear superimposed over the camera image (see example).

PLease note that VCxx and VC20xx (C6 high speed) models need to use two different versions of the k-pad!

On VCxx models, the keypad can be disconnected and reconnected  without restarting the application., thereby leaving the RS232 line available for other needs.

On high speed VCxx models, a separate k-pad connection is provided that leaves the primary RS232 port free at all times.