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Smart cameras and visual development tools on Engineeringtalk

Worth a quick click:

  • Sensore di visione con ottica ed illuminatore integrato 640x480, 32fps, ottica ed illuminatore integrati.

  • high resolution smart camera, 1600x1200, high resolution 1600x1200pxl progressive scan, 10fps (20 in binning mode), 1GHz DSP.

  • High speed smart camera, high frame rate 242fps (484 in binning mode) 640x480pxl progressive scan, 1GHz processor.

  • Senore visione, smart camera, Eyespector smart cameras bundled with intuitive software for graphic development without programming.

  • 1GHz smart camera new VC44xx series with 1GHz C64 processor; 640x480 thru 1280x1024, progressive scan.

  • smart camera new extremely high spped processors, 640x480-1280x1024 progressive scan.

  • smart camera DSP 3200MIPS extremely fast processing (3200MIPS) yet inexpensive (<1000), 640x480 progr. scan, open frame.

  • Sviluppo applicazioni visione su smart camera Graphic environment for rapid development of machine vision applications on smart cameras. No C programming! Inclkudes a smart camera simulator: fully test your application on a PC, even without a camera!

  • smart camera VCSBC50: 640x480 progressive scan, DSP 75MHz, open frame, OEM extremely low price.

  • smart camera 640x480 progressive scan con librerie ottimizzate per 113 frames/secondo.

  • Mxx models with C/CS lens mount (Italian)

  • Model selection guide by feature (best model by resolution, by speed etc.)

  • LAN Smart camera! Model with built in Ethernet port and TCP/IP connectivity, Internet ready! Many cameras can display live images or be controlled by a single, remote PC.

  • Smallest vision system in the world! Low cost 640x480 progressive scan in 30mm diam. waterproof case(lens and illuminator included)!

  • Smallest vision system in the world!The whole vision system (incl. lens and lighting) within a waterproff "photocell" type threaded case, diam. 30mm! Starting at 400EUR!

  • New 20xx series for SMARTVIEW intelligent cameras: up to 8 times faster, 1200MIPS!

  • Connect several SMARTVIEWs via Profibus or Ethernet.

  • Smart Camera with on board DSP, a vision system with NO PC!

  • A new (VC38, 30% cheaper, 30% faster!)
  • A new (VC67, 1280x1024)
  • New open frame SMARTVIEW versions for   OEMs, at an even lower cost: also available for VC38 LOW COST PROGRESSIVE SCAN
  •   All literature and manuals available for  online download
  •   New Win9x Graphic shell supports project management, program and image download and interactive control of SMARTVIEW cameras.
  • even single units can be purchased from now on!
  • : evaluation kit for SBC SMARTVIEW: up and running in 5 minutes, includes several lensens.
  • last update Oct '99, all new products, with EVEN LOWER COSTS!, now also in EURO
  • for SMARTVIEW cameras: standalone user interface with on screen menuswith this 6-key small foootprin keypad.
  • Robot guidance , parts locator for robot guidance even picks burred cast parts!


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