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Sistemi di visione! Versione in italiano?.

Smart camera 1200MIPS with EthernetSmart camera IP65Smart cameras (DSP based intelligent cameras, up to 113 frames/second, 1200MIPS, 1280x1024pxl) (as of Jan 2005, improved speed at 3200MIPS!)

SMART cameras with built-in DSP

Intelligent camera!Wide range of matrix cameras ready to support distributed machine vision tasks with no need for any external grabber or processor; DSP, video output, optoisolated I/Os, RS232 or Ethernet.

Work without PCs or frame grabbers.

Programmable in C or with graphic development tools, application specific software is also available.

Res. 512x512pxls thru MEGAPIXEL (1280x1024), progressive scan and color versions, OEM, open frame low cost versions available.

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Smallest smart camera in the world!Smart camera
Smart camera Intelligent camera Telecamera intelligente
  • Fastest in the world! (113 frames/second)
Smart camera Intelligent camera Telecamera intelligente
Vision system graphic development

Quick link: need a small SMART CAMERA with the processing power of a Pentium III 1GHz? Up to 113 frames/second? There you are!

Manuals and documentation are available for downoload here.

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