Smart camera in your LAN or Internet!


Rete LAN Smart camera

Main advantages of Smart cameras with Ethernet ports:
  • Displaying (live) images from several smart cameras with a single (possibly remote) display (approx 80msec/frame) without slowing camera performance.
  • Setting up and controlling inspection of several cameras from a single terminal (possibly even far away)
  • Exchanging results, data and images among several cameras
  • Collecting inspection data from several smart cameras from a remote site (even via the Internet).
  • Making information available as web pages

Networking smart cameras is now easy!

Models with an /E suffix in their part number (e.g. VC2038/E, VC2048/EVC2065/E, see the complete family map) have a built in 100M Ethernet TCP/IP port that allows connecting via any LAN or the Internet to several other cameras, PCs etc. Parameters may be setup or images may be displayed (even live ones) on any node in the network!

TCP/IP, UDP and socket protocols are supported; a Telnet, FTP and HTTP server is provided: cameras can thus make information and images available as web pages (incl. Java scripts) that any web browser can access and display.

Please note that models with the Ethernet port do not have an RS232 port (the dedicated keypad port for local user interface is still available.

If you need to connect other SMARTVIEW models (with RS232) to LANs or other field bus, please use the available RS232 to Profibus, Ethernet etc converters.