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VC4058: 640x480, 250fps progressive scan, 400MHz TMS320C64xx processor, TCP/IP Ethernet port + RS232

Need more speed? 3200MIPS!

(Comparable to PENTIUM 2.6GHz)

smart camera 250fps con dissipatori

Extremely high frame rate (250fps, 500fps with binning) model with 400MHz TMS320C64xx DSP, delivering 3200MIPS (comparable to a 2.6GHz Pentium PC); no SVGA video output, standard camera case with C-mount 

Product features:

(Common features of C6 series)

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  • Texas Instruments TMS320C64xx 400Mhz processor @ 3200MIPS
  • Ethernet port (TCP/IP, UDP, socket, Telnet, HTTP server) + 115K2 RS232
  • 640x480 Progressive scan CCD, 250fps, 1/3"
  • Shutter  up to 5usec, in 62usec steps
  • 2/1 Binning (500fps)
  • C-mount lens, standard case.
  • Shutter: up to 1/10.000sec, step 62usec
  • Memory:
    • 32MB di RAM (SDRAM) accessible at 400MB/sec.
    • 4M Flash EEProm
    • 128M additiona EEPROM on onboard SD card
  • 4 in + 4 out optoisolated, 4in + 4 out TTL
  • image capture trigger input, strobed lighting output
  • 800x600 SVGA video output (VESA) with 8 bit color overlay.
  • Multitasking Operating System

Family map: all C6 3200 & 8000MIPS models