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VC4466: 1024x768, 20fps progressive scan, processore TMS320C64xx 1GHz, porta Ethernet TCP/IP + RS232, contenitore con attacco ottica passo C


Smart camera 1GHz 1024x760 20fps

Modello Megapixel della nuova famiglia di telecamere con processore TMS320C64xx 1GHz che sviluppa 8000MIPS: dotata di contenitore con attacco ottica passo C, uscita video SXGA.




1/3", 1024 (H) x 768 (V) Pixel


High-speed: up to 10 sec
Low-speed: up to 20 sec adjustable integration time


Full Frame Progressive Scan

Frame rate:

20 fps (40 fps with 2 times binning)


Asynchronous, program controlled or external trigger, full frame

A/D conversion:

1 x 20 MHz / 10 Bit


8000 MIPS, 1 GHz Texas

Instruments TMS320C64xx

Image display:

B&W or pseudocolor from 3x8 bit RGB lookup table

Image/Data memory:

64 MBytes SDRAM

Flash memory:

4 MBytes Flash EPROM (non volatile memory) for programs and data, programmable in the system

SD  memory expansion:

512M multimedia card

Dig. I/Os:

4 inputs / 4 outputs optically decoupled 24V, outputs 4 x 500mA

Dedicated I/Os:

0 jitter trigger in, strobe out, Encoder counter


RS232 up to 115.200 Baud max.
100Mbit Ethernet

Video output:

SXGA monitor 1280x1024

Supply voltage:

24V +/-20% DC, max. 300 mA

Electrical connections:

I/O (DC IN, PLC, 12-pin), V24 (6-pin), Trig (Trigger/keypad, 6-pin), VGA Out (10-pin)


ca. 120 x 50 x 35 mm, ca. 250 gr.


(Caratteristiche comuni della famiglia C6)

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Family map: tutti i modelli della serie C6 da 3200 e 8000MIPS