VC 2065C: COLOR 752x582 progressive scan at 45 frames/second

Need speed? 1200MIPS!

Need Color?

Model-specific features:

(Common features of C6 series)

  • Color CCD 752x582 @ 45 frame/sec (BAYER Mosaic filter)
  • 1200MIPS processor!
  • Memory:
    • 16MB di RAM (SDRAM) @ 400MB/sec.
    • 2M Flash EEProm
    • 8MB Flash Card adapter
  • dedicated I/Os
    • Dedicated input trigger for snap synchronization
    • Dedicated output for strobe light control
  • Color image output at reduced speed (10-15fps)

Accessories and prices

Family map: all C6 3200 & 8000MIPS models