Selection Guide Microlenses VCSBC50

Ordering Information:

When ordering Board Cameras from Vision Components focussed to a certain working distance W, please specify the distance D "Distance Circuit Board - Object Plane" as shown in the following drawing:



















Order Numbers 12mm Lenses for SBC50

Article Description

(click images for dimensioned enlargements)

Order Number

minimum working distance dmin

maximum working distance dmax

horizontal image angle

LENS2.5 (lens f= 2.5mm)



LENS3.6 (lens,f=3.6mm) 


VK0000187.5mminfinity  = 57

LENS6.0 (lens f= 6.0mm)

VK0000205mminfinity  = 33.5

LENS8:0 (lens f= 8,0mm, d<200mm)

VK00019730mm *200mm  = 25.3
LENS8.0 (lens f= 8,0mm, d>200mm)
VK000205200mminfinity  = 25.8
LENS12.0 (lens f=12,0mm, d<200mm)
VK00001530mm200mm  = 16.5
LENS12.0 (lens f=12,0mm, d>200mm)
VK00020430mm*infinity = 16.7

LENS12.0 (lens f=12,0mm, IR) 


VK00020030mm*infinity  = 16.5

LENS16.0 (lens f=16,0mm)

VK00001630mm*infinity = 12.6
LENS25.0 (lens f=25,0mm)VK00021730mm*infinity = 8.0

* = working distance values likely, but not tested for this camera

All values given in above table may differ slightly due to product and measurement tolerances.

Calculation of the Field of View Width depending on working distance and horizontal image angle: